Shri Abhik Mukherjee

Shri Abhik Mukherjee was born in Calcutta in a family that has a rich musical and educational heritage. He was initiated to sitar at the age of six by his father Sri Tarit Kumar Mukherjee. His father took training of Vishnupur Gharana from Sri Gaurhari Kabiraj Ji and Abhik from his father inherited some of the rich treasures of Vishnupur Gharana.

Simultaneously he was taught by Sri Bimal Chatterjee, a leading disciple of Pandit Kashinath Mukherjee –a doyen of Imdadkhani Etawah Gharana .Abhik remained under his affectionate guidance till the age of sixteen when finally he was taken to Pandit Kashinath Mukherjee.

Abhiks’s first performance was at the age of nine at the Governor House, Kolkata. Since then, he has performed all over India and abroad. He has collaborated with different genres of music and performed with Carnatic Classical musicians, jazz musicians, and fusion musicians.

He has composed and directed music for a CD released by Welhem Boy’s School, Dehradun and is presently working on an album for a Keralite Christian Church in Florida. He composed music for a number of dance dramas in New Delhi. His compositions have been in collaboration with great dancers like Vaswati Misra and Swagata Sen Pillai are highly acclaimed. To know about Abhik’s concerts please visit